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3 Things Which Stop Us in Weight Loss

Sometimes we practice rigorous diets and exercise regularly for weight loss, but we can not lose the desired weight. Read the following 3 psychological things for which you do not manage to achieve the desired results.

1. Food As A Way To Escape Unwanted Thoughts And Emotions

Have you noticed that people who are under stress eat more? It happens because of the lack of opportunity to express your personal emotions, especially if when you were small you were told “Do not cry,” “Do not complain,” etc.

Now you are an adult and although some habits are difficult to change, you can still succeed with great perseverance. For example, it’s not at all horrible to visit a psychologist who can help you cope with this habit that constantly hurts you.

Food As A Way To Escape Unwanted Thoughts And Emotions

2. We Use Our Laziness As An Excuse

Sometimes we all want to leave things for tomorrow, the next month, and even if not at all urgent, the next year. We always demand excuses subconsciously not to realize our “dreams”. For example, “I want to learn to dance, but I can not because I have overweight.” Start practicing today to make your dream come true. So you will be satisfied with the life and the things that you do.

We Use Our Laziness As An Excuse

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