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A Small Number Of Women Can Recognize These Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer

Often, pain in the stomach, bloating and frequent urination are considered indicators of other diseases, but we do not associate with that worst, ovarian cancer.
Studies have shown that only one in a thousand women know that frequent urination is precisely one of the symptoms of the 21st century undernourishment.

Four out of five women do not know that stomach pain is often caused by this disease, and only a fifth of them know that bloating is a sign that something is wrong with their body.

The second survey in this respect showed that as many as 43% of the respondents were to visit the gynecologist more often to avoid further testing, and 46% had been sent for testing from other diseases, but not cancer.

Unfortunately, the examination of the cervix is not sufficient to reveal that you have ovarian cancer.

It is necessary to raise the awareness of each woman to learn to recognize the symptoms of possible illnesses, but also for the examinations that are of great importance for her. In early detection, this disease can be curable.

Ovarian Cancer

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