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Are You Troubled By Allergy? Find Out How To Enjoy This Spring With Your Family

Allergic reactions occur when the immune system reacts to foreign substances, releasing chemicals such as histamine, which cause allergic symptoms. Drugs, dust, food, secretions of insects and pollen are the most common allergens that can aggravate health situation if we have eczema, asthma or sinus problems.

Allergies are caused by stress, but stress can seem to contribute to their deterioration. Therefore the benefits of food can protect and strengthen immunity. Symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose and tearing of the eyes may increase stress for those who suffer from allergies, and even the beginning of allergy. Reducing stress will not cure allergies, but can help prevent intense symptoms.

During this period, 39 % of people who have allergies to worsen the symptoms are more subjected to stress. Stress can cause several adverse effects on the body, including more symptoms.


I advise all who suffer from allergies to try to relieve stress at least during allergies. Stress revenge healthy diet as we have written in previous posts from our side as broccoli, rose hip and many others, can be reduced through meditation, deep breathing, to avoid nicotine and caffeine and most importantly relax.


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