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Best Diet For Gastric Ulcer and Gastritis

Diet with gastric ulcer and gastritis involves making dietary plan, to be consumed and which should be avoided so as not to irritate the stomach. Your stomach is irritated by food increases stomach acid. The food we consume different effect on the stomach for example, spicy food, hot, full of fat, chocolate, and beverages containing alcohol or caffeine.


List Of Foods That Should Be Not Consumed For Gastric Ulcer

Beverages :

  • Hot cocoa and chocolate milk ;
  • Coffee ;
  • Green tea or Black tea ;
  • Beverages which containing alcohol ;
  • Orange juice or grapefruit juice ;

Spices :

  • Black and Red pepper ;
  • Garlic Powder ;
  • Chili ;

Other Food :

  • Dairy products made from milk with a lot fat ;
  • Meat with high fat content such as sausages, salami, bacon ;
  • Hot peppers ;
  • Onion or garlic ;
  • Tomato products like tomato sauce or tomato juice ;


What Foods Can Be Consumed For Gastritis ?

When problems with gastric ulcer and gastritis can eat healthy foods from all categories. Eat fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals and dairy products with low fat or no fat. You can eat whole-grain bread, pasta and brown rice. When selecting meat recommended pure meat (no fat), chicken or turkey meat, fish, and can also be consumed eggs and nuts. Meal plan contains a small amount of unhealthy fat, salt and artificial sugar. Oils are recommended to use olive oil and canola oil.

Tips – Diet For Gastric Ulcer and Gastritis

No get dinner before bedtime! From dinner should spend at least 2 hours, then you can sleep.Eat small and frequent meals, stomach can easily digest food.  For More Info and Tips Against Stomach Acid Follow This Link – The Most Effective Cures Against Stomach Acids !

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