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Bruschetta With Mustard of Figs And Prosciutto

There is nothing better than celebrating friendship with people who matter to us, in a nice way. We have the perfect recipe for delicious preparation, and make sure you invite the right friends to a delicious snack.

Ingredients Required:

– toasted baguettes of bread
– cream cheese
– mustard and sweet figs mixed together
– prosciutto
– parsley for decoration

Bruschetta With Mustard of Figs And Prosciutto

Method of Preparation:

Baguette bread cut into pieces about 1 cm thick. Tin them in a pan of little olive oil. Make sure that each piece is covered with cream cheese, and on the side stir a little mustard with sweet figs. Apply from the sweet mustard on the sausage and finish the bruschetta with a piece of prosciutto and fresh parsley.

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