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Call Friends at Spring Delicious Appetizer : Popeye Spinach Salad for This Session

Spring is a wonderful time of the year that we can use to eat more salads and to avoid heavy cooked food which is typical for the winter. For today we decided to offer you a delicious appetizer that with a little imagination and creativity can be your main meal.

Del Monte Whole Leaf Spinach, 13.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

Spring-Salad-Spinach-Delicious-Appetizer-That-With-a-Little -Imagination-and-Creativity

Ingredients for Popeye Spinach Salad :

• 300 gr. fresh spinach
• 2 green salads
• onions
• 2 kohlrabi or rucola
• small cup of unrefined oil
• 2 lemons
• celery root
• pepper
• tomato
• little ham and cheese or cheese cubes

Spring-Appetizer-Spinach-Fast-and-Easy-Bon appetite!

Preparation Spring Spinach Salad – Appetizer :

Young fresh spinach are finely and mix with the lettuce. Onion cut into thin circles, the kohlrabi and celery cleaned and grated so it all comes together and season with unrefined oil, lemon juice and black pepper. The salad mix well and serve immediately, and before that the pieces are put ham and cheese or yellow cheese. If you like dressing, then you’re on your plate to put a little sour cream or mayonnaise.

Bon appetite !

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