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Chocolate Liqueur For a Better Festive Feeling

How do you feel about fostering the festive spirit? Let’s rise that feeling with little our advice.

Today we gave a great idea of how to feel the festive atmosphere. We want share old family recipe with you.
Prepare a tasty homemade liqueur from chocolate!

Chocolate Liqueur For a Better Festive Feeling

Chocolate Liqueur Ingredients Required:

– 150 gr. milk chocolate

– 50 gr. dark chocolate

– 2 tablespoons of water

– 100-120 ml. tepid milk

– 150 ml. vodka or white rum

Chocolate Liqueur Method of Preparation:

In the steamer, melt the chocolate and add the water to connect the two ingredients.  Add the milk, then add the vodka or white rum. Allow to tighten in the refrigerator for the liquor get a dense structure. If it is too dense, add water or vodka to your needs.


Chocolate Liqueur Home Recipe

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