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Coffee, Best Coffee Drinking Can Improve Your Health ?

Like wine, chocolate and popcorn and coffee joined the list of unusual foods with health benefits. According to a 13 year study by the National Cancer Institute “New England Journal of Medicine” concluded that people often drink coffee have a reduced risk of early death for even 16%.

Here are 10 areas where drinking coffee could help – if limited cream and sugar. Enjoy every day in your best coffee cup.

1. Prevention of Stone in The Gall

Research conducted by Harvard in 2002 found that women who drink at least four (4) coffee a day have a 25% reduced risk of getting gallstones. Earlier research has shown similar results in men.


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2. Prevention of Depression

Women who drink two (2) or three (3) cups of coffee a day are 15% less likely to get depression, while those who drank 4 (four) coffees a day chances are reduced to 20%.

3. Improving Memory

Coffee helps in long-term and short-term memory. Interestingly, a study done in 2007 showed that women (but not men) aged 65 and older who drank more than three (3) cups of coffee a day showed better results on memory tests than those who drink only one (1) glass per day.

4. Reduced Risk of Diabetes

Studies have shown that people who consume coffee are less likely to suffer from diabetes type “2”


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