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Diet is Important, But Do You Know What Happens to The Body When We Eat Fast ?

A recent study has shown that in terms of diet, it is not only important that you enter the body, but also the speed at which you do it. Japanese researchers followed 1083 adult figures over a period of 5 years, divided into three categories according to the eating speed: slow, normal and fast.

Metabolic Syndrome is Developing With Eating Fast

They filled out a questionnaire at the beginning of the study by sharing the way of nutrition, physical activity and medical history. Initially, none of the volunteers lacked a metabolic syndrome – at least three risk factors including abdominal obesity, low “good” HDL cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure and blood sugar.

When the participants were re-examined 5 years later, 84 of them were diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, and the rate at which they ate significantly influenced it. Those who ate the fastest were 89% more likely to develop this syndrome than those who ate normally or slowly. Only 2.3% of those who ate slowly received this diagnosis, compared to 11.6% of “fast-foods”.

What Happens to The Body When We Eat Fast

But that’s not all. Those who ate quickly had a greater weight gain, more than half and higher blood pressure than others. The reason for this is that when we eat fast, the body is not given the chance to signal that we are sitting and that we should stop, which leads to overeating and a greater fluctuation of glucose, which can cause insulin resistance.

Preliminary studies in other studies have suggested that prolonged chewing of food burns more calories, up to 1000 extra every month. Conclusion is that, not only diet is important, but also important is speed of eating too. Don’t eat fast, eat slowly and be healthy. Enjoy in Food!

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