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Diet Meal Plans, Boost Energy and Be Fit with Home Recipe

If you want healthy, while tasty meal you can try this.

Healthy Meal and Easy Recipe :

First in a blender or juicer grind the following ingredients (each separate)
– 100 grams of flaxseed
– 100g sesame
– 100g peeled sunflower or pumpkin seeds
– Cumin, optional (in a jar can two packages)


When you grind all ingredients, put them in jars and stir well and shake to smooth mixture.
Another jar filled with oat flakes. And every morning put in a cup two tablespoons of oatmeal and two
tablespoons of mixture.Then pour yogurt, leave 2-3 minutes to stand and it’s done.
You can eat at night as a substitute for dinner or as a snack during the day. But,nutritious properties are best absorbed in the morning.

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This mixture is good for your digestive system, flaxseed will clean toxins from your body.
Many will help if you have constipation, problems with hemorrhoids or fissures. Sunflower and seeds contain iron, so will improve the blood counts. If you have high cholesterol or high sugar this shall be a meal at least three weeks, and then repeat blood tests.
And if you do not have such problems, feel free to consume this meal because it provides energy and helps to maintain the line. Enjoy at diet meal plans and stay with us!


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