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Few Tricks Which You Must Know, Healthy Food Must Be Safe !

Although pesticides to protect plants from harmful effects of weeds, insects and diseases herbal, a known toxic effect on their health. Today I want to explain how to maintain the benefits of healthy food and thereby be protected from the harmful effects of chemicals.


How to properly wash pesticides from fruit and vegetables ?

Residues of pesticides can be absorbed through the roots of plants or trees and can not be washed. But what you can do is the following :


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1. Wash your hands with warm water and soap before and after preparing food.

2. With warm water and soap clean the work area in the kitchen, cutting board must be clean for cutting and peeling before and after cutting.

3. Wash fruits and vegetables under running water.


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4. Before you leave consume ten minutes in water.

With peeling removed nearly all traces of pesticides.


Although this may disappear and some nutrients, it is recommended to peel fruits and vegetables.

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