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Unwritten Rules of Behavior at The Gym

Gym Behavior

Before taking exercise in the gym read the following rules of conduct applied by the majority of practitioners will provide a cozy atmosphere and excellent conditions for exercise in your gym.

Always Follow This 19 Unwritten Golden Rules at The Gym!

1. First and foremost always take care of your personal hygiene (regular take a shower and use deodorant) and practice in clean equipment.

2. Always carry a towel with you while exercising after you finish exercising clean equipment.

Unwritten Rules of Behavior at The Gym

3. Always return to the weights in place after you finish exercising a particular exercise (is common among many of the active practitioners to put heavy weights on the leg press, squats, bench and do 2-3 reps and then switch to another exercise without weights back into place).

4. Did not mind some practitioners who exercise before a mirror with unnecessary posturing until complete by performing the assigned exercise.

5. Do not do exercises before and immediately handed to space with weights, the space where taken handed weights should always be free to take and leave handed weights.

6. Use the belt only for those complex movements that require additional support to the lower back for the proper conduct of a given exercise.

7. Do not be loud, behave decently and not stare on girls while they practice, and not to stare and assisting someone and to correct her exercise if it does not ask you.

8. Do not avoid workout for legs.

9. Never start to customize exercise machines (benches, handed weights or weights) of the need of your exercise program until you are sure that none of the other practitioners do not use the same equipment.

10. Avoid putting your towels, shaker and mobile phones on machines and benches to exercise if you are not constantly around them. Also in no case should move above mentioned items without the knowledge of the person to whom they belong.

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