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11. Never give advice and opinions of some practitioners about their way of exercise (this charge instructors and employees themselves gym) if he does not ask you.

12. Use one machine exercise or one of the worst things what you can do in the gym to start practicing a device, then immediately switch to the next and the next and so on. People who follow a practice there specific exercise program and it is normal to be irritated if all machines are constantly busy. Practice on a machine or with weight a while – and your training will be more effective.

13. Select the appropriate time to ask questions, that many of the active practitioners in the gym would gladly have you shown how to use a machine or as an exercise is performed properly. But at least wait for the man to you to complete the exercise before you attack with questions.

14. Always pay attention to the other practitioners, this is very important because some complex exercises require more space for their proper and safe performance, so when you notice that some of the other trainees perform such complex exercises give them more space to be able properly to make these exercises and not seizing space on the mirrors in the gym if you just look up without performing an exercise.

15. Never improvise if you’re not sure how to use an exercise machine, but wait and ask the employees of the gym which is the correct way to use a machine.

16. If using an exercise machine does not capture the space around it for so leave the impression that the exercise machine is busy.

17. If you need to use a bench or exercise machine is busy Never start exercising without asking whether you can practice alternate with one that uses the same equipment.

18. Do not write messages or talk loudly on the phone while sitting on a bench or floors for exercise.

19. Do not dispose of the weights on the floor. Some practitioners after you complete an exercise with weights handed want to throw them on the floor to show off in front of other practitioners that use a lot of weight. Not only is the sound generated impairs concentration, but with such behavior may injuries someone.

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