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Hand Diet, World Most Wanted Diet and Fastest Way to Slim Body

Want to lose weight but do not know how to control food portions? Here we offer you world most wanted diet or known like Hand Diet.

In it will help the emergency diet or measuring portions of food you eat based on your palm or rather on the basis of certain parts of it.

Hand Diet Balanced Biet

Investigation of the American Society for malignant diseases shows that most people are not skilled at determining the right amount of food that should be inserted in the body throughout the day. Many of us are accustomed to not rise from the table while not fully empty bowl because their parents since childhood he learned of it. So, although City continue to eat and thereby increase their weight.

Maybe it acts unreal, but research shows that even small changes in diet can yield big results and this you will experience with hand diet.

Hand Diet World Most Wanted Diet

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Here comes the hand diet aid that is based on your palm. First look at the good, and then you start to water in the following scheme:

Meat and fish – an amount equal to the base of the palm
Carbohydrates (pasta, potatoes, rice, bread) – clenched fist
Butter – fingertip
Cheese – pointing index finger and middle finger
Mayonnaise, ketchup and other sauces industry – the tip of two fingers
Chocolate – three fingers extended
Ice cream – clenched fist

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