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Healthy Recipe with Mulberries, Forgotten Powerful Cure of Nature

Mulberries who once were very present in our lands today unfortunately almost forgotten. Sweet taste of this fruit derived from sugars fructose and glucose, and the acids include citric and malic. Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, most of which should be pointed iron and acid plant and fruit sugars. Iron are double in black than in white mulberries.


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Ripe fruits can consume fresh and can be used for various cakes, teas, and for getting wine and liquor. Black and red mulberries have the strongest flavor. It should be known that immature fruits are not recommended for eating as it may contain mild hallucinogenic properties. Mulberries are ready in summer, late July and August.

The downside of mulberries is that the tree contains a large amount of pollen, which can significantly affect the deterioration of people who suffer from allergy. Therefore, mulberries usually grown outside cities.

Mulberries rich in phytonutrients antocijanin, plant pigment that has a growing role in the diet against many diseases, such as cancer, various neurological diseases, inflammation, diabetes and bacterial infections.


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