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Magical Herb Can Prevent of Harm to Your Teeth

Scientists have discovered an ingredient in the Chinese herb Galla Chinensis that prevents dental damage and then increased potency.

This can be a first step towards creating a natural anti-corrosion product that people would use to protect your teeth health.

Magical Herb Can Prevent of Harm to Your Teeth

The herb works because its active ingredient prevents bacteria from producing acid that bites teeth and creates cavities in them. It also strengthens them so they do not break easily, and this is achieved by the mineralization of the tooth.

According to research results, herbs can be used not only for teeth health, but also as an antioxidant, in anti-diarrhea treatments and against viruses.

Protect Your Teeth Health

Scientists at the West China Dental School and the academic dentistry center in Amsterdam came to this discovery when they used the technique mass spectrometry to separate the various ingredients from the herb and to test their antibacterial value.

Although fluoride plays a major role in preventing the formation of cavities in the teeth, additional methods would help to more people too.

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