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Meal Before Going to Sleep, What Will Be Ideal Choice?

Meal before going to sleep is most important step for health. Surely you already know that poor sleep at night affects the production of hormones that cause hunger, which means that the next day you eat a lot more. A new study published in the “Diary of medicine clinical sleep,” says poor sleep may be the result of meals that we ate the night before.

The scientists found that when study participants ate foods rich in fiber, low in saturated fat (red meat and cheese) and adequate protein, not only are fast asleep at night but slept more deeply, the more time they spent in the invigorating, deep, sporotalasnom (slow wave, non-REM) sleep, and therefore feel a lot more fresh the next day.

Sleep and Relax

When the volunteers ate fatty foods, the sugars and low in fiber, twice as long as it took them to fall asleep and 16 percent less time they slept deeply. The effect of fiber on a dream is a new finding, says Director of the Department of epilepsy and sleep at Columbia University, Dr. Carl Bazil who himself broke the diet because it is felt that a high fat content leads to restless sleep.

Be Sure to Avoid Heavy Meals

Except that should limit caffeine, alcohol and heavy meals when closer to bed, poor sleepers had to be careful what they eat. Avoiding heavy and fatty foods and taking more fiber can be recommended. And to make it look perfect meal? Start with a healthy, well-balanced, nutritious dinner. Eat enough fiber from whole grains, vegetables, fruits and lentils or beans. I can not take the fat and sugar.

Dinner Should Contain Fiber Whole Grains

Omit red meat and fill a plate full fiber grains, such as cinema, lentils or barley. One cup of barley has 32 grams of fiber. Enhance soups and salads adding them nuts, seeds, beans, peas or lentils. It adds protein and fiber, plus rich in amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan stimulates the production of serotonin and melatonin, both of which help to better sleep.

Vegetables Best Choice Before Sleep

Do Not Skip Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are not only high in fiber but also rich in magnesium, which calms. For dessert, eat fruit instead of something sweet and do not peel. Whatever you eat, vegetables and fruits must be fresh and do not eat late. The last bit, take a few hours before going to bed. The body has to focus on the night’s rest and recovery, not on digesting food while you sleep.

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