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Milk – Healthy or Harmful to Health?

For years they taught us that milk is incredibly healthy beverage and should be consumed daily. But Lately, we hear that milk actually is harmful and can cause a whole range of health difficulties. What is the truth?

With this question dealt experts, and we speak of their advice related to common beliefs about milk.
Milk causes acne?

This increasingly widespread belief has a scientific basis. Namely, the survey of 2010 showed that there is indeed a relationship between intake of dairy products and acne. That is why people who have problems with acne are advised to reduce intake of dairy products. Otherwise, the situation could get worse.


Milk Causes Bloating?

And this is true, but not for all people. Some do not have any problems, while others really feel stomach pain and bloating. As experts explained bloating is result of the sensitivity of lactose. If you have these symptoms, it is a sign that you should not consume dairy products. An interesting fact is that lactose intolerance may occur in the later life age because stomach adults harder submitted milk.

Milk Does Not Protect Bones?

It is true that milk contains calcium which is essential for bone health, and vitamin D is crucial. The problem is that too much calcium, especially if it isn’t present vitamin D can cause problems with bones.
What to do? Experts say that a glass of milk a day is enough if you eat for the health of bones.

Milk Fattening?

That is true, but and many other foods arefattening if imported in large quantities. Studies show that children and adults who drink large amounts of milk really is thicker than people who do not eat as often. If you have problems with your weight, do not exaggerate the intake of milk. But on the other hand of course that milk is a better alternative to cookies.


Milk is Necessary for Good Health?

This claim is often hear, but it is not quite true. There is no evidence that health is worse if you stop drinking milk. This drink contains calcium and vitamin D, but these ingredients can be obtained from other foods. Therefore, if you find that milk causes your problems and you want to give it up, do not fear for your health. Simply refer to the other foods that contain these ingredients.
In the end,the milk,just like most groceries have a positive effect on your health,if consumed moderately.

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