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Morning Hangover Can Be Solved With This 4 Solution

The holiday season is the time when it is often consumed by large quantities of alcohol, which in turn results in a well-known feeling of hangover the next morning.

Before you give up forever from alcohol (which is usually the first statement in such mornings), here are the “drugs” you can use, suggested by health experts, influencers and editors of portals for healthy eating.

1) Tea With Ginger And Honey + Banana

Ginger is a natural fighter against the feeling of nausea, and this trio provides the body with antioxidants that protect it from inflammation and damage caused by alcohol. The banana provides potassium, which deficiency in the body causes swelling, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and heart palpitations.

Lemon Ginger Tea Against Hangover

2) Fat Food

Yoga instructor from Los Angeles says the best medicine for hangover is fatty foods – e.g. Mexican food, a burger with french fries, maybe some pancake.

Fat Food Against Hangover

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