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Nutrition and Healthy Life Style, How to Eat Healthy Everyday?

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Nutrition is a very important part of our lives. Surely it would be much easier if you have a daily schedule that you referred to your healthy diet. Nutritionists recommend a walk before breakfast, oatmeal for breakfast and before bedtime dessert. Find out what other things need to employ:

Wake up to water from 6: 30-7: 00

Before you make coffee or tea, it is best to first wake up your body with a glass of water with lemon. Given that many vitamins are water soluble, if before breakfast drink a glass of water, your body will better absorb nutrients from food. The acidity in the lemon helps balance the digestive system, allowing them the good bacteria from the intestines to develop and facilitate the absorption of nutrients from food.

Best Time for Wake Up

Stroll at 7 pm

This is the ideal way to spend calories. Immediately you spend a few calories just by walking with the dog, several jumping or running up and down the stairs.

Breakfast at 7:30 am

All nutritionists recommend oatmeal for breakfast. The body will slowly develops fiber from oats so long you feel full. Breakfast enter and proteins, such as low-fat milk, yogurt, hard boiled egg or can simply add almonds or walnuts in oats. Fruit recommended mixed berries. Whatever you eat for breakfast it would be brief picnic than stay only coffee and lunch to be the first meal of the day.

Water at 9 am

It is best to drink a little water all day, instead of one large cup once. If your tongue is dry and your urine is light yellow, it is a sign that you are dehydrated.

Stretch and walk at 10 am

Get up, stretch your legs and walk every hour or hour and a half. Take a walk to colleagues, rather than send email and use the stairs instead of the elevator.

Office Healthy Habit Walk

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