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How You Can Prolong Life More Than 17 % With Nuts and Protects You ?

People who regularly eat nuts have more force to defense  from cancer or heart disease . In fact, this was made a long study conducted 30 years in Harvard has been established that these people are less likely to die from any cause.

The survey , which was conducted on men and women , found that those in the field of healthy food almost daily imported nuts have a 20 percent lower chance of death than those who never consume these nutritious foods , and the percentage varies proportionally the frequency of consumption . Their benefits will definitely stand out in that they extend life .


The risk of death from heart disease is 29 percent lower , and the risk of death due to cancer is lower by 11 percent . It applies to those nuts consumed seven or more times per week.

These benefits in particular emphasize associated to the heart , which recommended four servings of salt-free , raw nuts per week.  One serving equals around 42 grams , or 23 almonds , or two tablespoons of pure peanut butter .
The most important among them we can highlight : peanuts , almonds , walnuts , Indian nuts and pistachio.

Mixed-Nuts-Servings-of-Salt-FreeFrequently asked questions if they are gaining weight so little to explain .
Nuts are rich in valuable nutrients , but also are rich in calories . One serving of peanuts or almonds have 240 calories .

– However it turned out that the perception that nuts fattening is completely wrong because the results of this study suggest the opposite. Prolong life more 17% with Nuts !

More Information you can find in this Book of Wisdom : Nuts and Seeds in Health and Disease Prevention

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