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Creatine and Stimulant

ULTIMATE NUTRITION BETA – K 750 Mg, 200 Capsules

Beta Alanine and Kre-Alkalyn

As each individual acts of receiving strength and muscle definition so proved in his questioning that the best these two supplements to be taken in combination together. The reason is simple. Beta alanine, the intensity of the training raises almost to the maximum, significantly delayed the effort and fatigue and visibly reduces psychological and physical fatigue.

The Kre-Alkalyn helps training aimed more to activate muscle fibers and penetrate deeper into the muscles. The Kre-Alkalyn because of its ability to recycle ATP (also known as molecular force) contributes practitioners have additional 3 to 6 iterations more series.

The combination of these two REACTOR full chance for all those who choose to engage in serious training for a short period of time to gain strength, mass and muscle definition, and gain endurance which is required in martial disciplines or other sports where It expressed or contact has duel games.

Beta Kre-Alkalyn supplement is the latest generation and is recommended for all serious bodybuilders and athletes as well as those who persistently and very thorough approach to their training.

For those who want more than creatine HORSE POWER combines 20 ingredients that act synergistically jointly, meaning that each mutual ingredients to reinforce its action. This band works together to increase strength, endurance, faster recovery and better feed the muscle with blood.

Horse Power increases the production of Nitric-oksid (no) in the body and thus creates amazing results. Nitric-oksid nitrogen oxide which creates an anabolic environment in the body by increasing the flow of blood to the trained muscle, thus allowing the muscles to get more oxygen, more hormones and more food.

By using Horse Power will notice the following:

– A remarkable and lasting inflation pressures muscle
– Increased strength
– Greater durability
– Increase lean muscle mass
– Faster recovery from training …

One of the reasons why Horse Power causing so much public attention, is that those who did not respond to classical creatine, achieved amazing results, because in Horse Power has joined several new types of creatine. Horse Power drastically increases the reserves of glycogen, creatine increases ATP production and enhances retention of glycogen.

Ultimate Nutrition Horse Power X, 225 gr.

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