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Ultimate Nutrition Platinum Iso Mass Xtreme Gainer 10.11lb

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Ultimate Nutrition is pleased to present you the ISOMASS XTREME GAINER, so far cutting-edge formula ratio of carbohydrates and protein, with the addition in March celebrated creatine, glutamine and many important beneficial oils necessary for healthy functioning of the body and burning fat as EFA, CLA and ITC. ISOMASS XTREME GAINER is characterized by time release ie time release protein, meaning continuous protein feeding your muscles throughout the day but also at night when your body is mostly recovering.

ISOMASS XTREME GAINER – winning combination containing 43% protein championship almost twice more than any other geiner’s.
ISOMASS XTREME GAINER comprised only 7 types overreaching creatine to increase muscle mass. It includes 4 types of glutamine which play a very important role in protein metabolism, increase muscle mass and recovery. Contains 4 nitroxide precursors. Also not left out and enzyme complex for improved absorption. ISOMASS XTREME GAINER contains useful oils have countless positive effects on the body and completely in all functions of the body in the sport are known as protectors of muscle during the workout and help the body use the accumulated fat as energy. ISOMASS XTREME GAINER contains a wide range of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that are necessary for normal functioning of the body.

In conclusion, we can say that ISOMASS XTREME GAINER is the most complete and most powerful geiner it exists at all. Because when you use it there was absolutely no need for other accessories, it has virtually everything you need to build the purest possible muscle mass.

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