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Prince Harry and Megan are Created for Each Other in Live

What he asked, he got it.

The engagement between Prince Harry and Megan Markle overnight became one of the main topics in the world’s media. And while everyone is talking about the details of their relationship and the wedding that should take place next year, Prince’s friends say he received it, exactly what he wanted.

Prince Harry and Megan are Created for Each Other in Live

After several unsuccessful relationship, Harry simply realized that if he got married, it must be a woman who will know how to deal with pressure the public and the constant need of the media to follow every step of the royal family.

-Something logical that a woman from a show business ended. He feels relaxed by someone who has already reconciled with fame, in a way that no one of his girlfriend did it, says a close source to the prince.

Megan Markle, by profession, is an actress, and appearances in public with Harry and constant photographing by paparazzi, she experiences quite normal. The Prince’s previous girlfriends could not enter the mold at all, which resulted in the break-up of the connections.

Why Is Megan Like The One Created For Prince Harry

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