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Secret Homemade Spinach Recipe for Superheroes – You Must Try

Food of superheroes favorite among all people, adults and younger. Meal which is easily prepared and at the same time desire to be part of their table in every home. Children simply accept when it comes to this dish which is also known that their muscles grow and become strong, comparing with favorite cartoon character Popeye the Sailor.

This food is very easy to prepare at home, does not require much time.


Del Monte Spinach, 7.75 oz, 12 pk by Del Monte




The benefits are very large from spinach, rich with a large amount of iron , which is often recommended to consume those with low blood people who lost a large quantity of blood, whether it is an accident, or when blood donation is recommended and women during their monthly cycle, strengthening the blood of the young. Besides iron has a large amount of Vitamin A, B2 , B6 , C, E , K, contains magnesium, folic acid, zinc, protein and commonly consumed for its antioxidant that contains purifying the body.


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