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Smoothie Recipe – Cheapest and Healthy Natural Shake That You Can Refresh and Surprise Your Family

When we needed refreshment, most of us would rather resort to fruit juice instead of fruit which itself is an inseparable part of a healthy food, forgetting the fact how nutrient waste. That’s why we present you the ideal combination of flavors that is so irresistible that you just will cause, and will saturate, while the cheapest, so you can afford each.


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It is a shake made of only three types of fruit that will nourish and refresh, and your body will provide them the necessary vitamins, minerals and fiber and all its benefits.

Ingredients Smoothie Recipe – Orange, Strawberries, Banana :

• 1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
• about 10 medium sized strawberries
• 1 banana
• a few ice cubes

Preparation Smoothie Recipe – Orange, Strawberries, Banana :

– Clean and wash the fruit and banana peel and broke it to pieces.
– Put all the ingredients in a blender and add ice.
– Mix it all well and serve immediately.
– Consume the drink instead of breakfast or between meals.

Here is why you should do this more often shake :


Strawberries are very powerful antioxidants that keep cells from free radicals. Only 2 strawberries per day are sufficient to ensure the body’s daily requirement for vitamin C. In addition, strawberries contain high amounts of folate and vitamin B9.


Banana is a fruit that you want all generations, full of potassium, which raises the energy and kills the need for food. Packed with minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc, and vitamins C, E and those in group B.


This juicy and fragrant fruit is full of vitamins, especially vitamin C, which boosts immunity and gives energy to the body . Orange contains minerals such as potassium , calcium and magnesium, and folate, thiamine, riboflavin and pantothenic acid.

Remember a healthy diet has everything the body needs during the day , so the body gets full support from us. Healthy eating and habits keep our health and our lives will be more full with energy and happiness. Their benefits are very important for us and for all those who have loved ones around us.

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