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Tea Around The World Traditions in 21 Ways, Loose Tea or Tea Box Depends of You

A small preview of tea around the world traditions. Tea and the world with it.
Let’s look :

Japan Tea

Japan is known for powdered green tea which is finely ground leaves of the “green tea“. In Japan it is a traditional ceremonies drink.

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Hong Kong Tea

Hong Kong tea or “pantyhose tea” and “silk stocking tea” is same. This name is get, because the color of this drink is very similar with color of skin. To make this tea you need strong chilled black tea, condensed milk and all this is serve over ice in cup.

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Taiwan Tea

Taiwan Tea or maybe you hear about “bubble tea” or more know like “pearl milk tea” is worldwide phenomenon. This tea has Taiwan roots. Bubble tea can be consume cold or hot, but always is prepare on sugar syrup. A many people say : If you try bubble tea, you will forget Frappuccino.

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Turkey Tea

When we talk about a warm drink in Turkey, we think of Turkish coffee, but tea “Cay” is the most popular drink. Tea is served with every meal and often between meals. Black tea in Turkey does not interfere with milk and always is served in small cups.

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