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The Best Cure Against High Cholesterol, Recipe for Remedies at Home

One of the biggest health problems today is high cholesterol. Due to the large stress and habits that do not consume enough healthy food, people today complain of problems with high cholesterol. Of course you first have to check the results of the doctor and then as a solution to reduce or control them. There are a number of cure that have been recommended but not to forget home recipes for remedies. As the most effective and commonly used one is next to present today:


Ingredients for a Cure Against High Cholesterol (these ingredients are for half dose) :

2.5 l. water
20 Small pieces of Garlic
200 gr. fresh parsley
500 gr. lemon

Preparing The Best Cure Against High Cholesterol :

In a bowl boil at low fire 2.5 liters water with finely chopped garlic 20 pieces and finely chopped parsley 200 gr. Boil until the liquid comes to a half before starting to boil, or 1,250 liters. Once the liquid is cool, add fresh lemon drained 500 g.

The best effect is achieved and should be consumed as follows : the morning on an empty stomach you can drink a small glass of brandy or one shot, before the evening meal. This cure must drink until not end the dose, you can feel the benefits after one week, but you should not stop consume the cure before all the liquid is drunk.

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