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The First Sign of Alzheimer’s is Not a Loss of Memory – Scientists Have Found a New Symptom

Many people believe that the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease are associated with memory problems, but this is not the case. The new research has shown that one of the first symptoms of this disease is actually problems with finding out in space.

Alzheimer's Symptoms

Awakening From Alzheimer’s: How America’s Most Innovative Doctors are Reversing Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Memory Loss

Alzheimer’s disease is severe, not curable, degenerative brain disease, which can cause death. With its advancement leads to dementia, memory loss, disturbance of thought and behavioral change and the character of the diseased.

Alzheimer’s disease is actually a degenerative brain disorder in a mean or later life-span that destroys neurons and bonds in the brain, leading to significant loss of brain mass. Today, it is considered the main cause of senile dementia (60 to 70 percent), which was formerly considered normal in old age.

People who are ill with Alzheimer’s are actually having trouble getting into new premises, a result of a new study.

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