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Trinidad Scorpion Chili Pepper Can You Survive This ?

When writing to trinidad scorpion chili pepper I talk about one of the hottest chili in the entire world. This product is very interesting for the fact that the extremely high doses of pungent that the organism has caused a whole host of consequential reactions. People interest appearing even in bitter competition for taste offering Trinidad Scorpion Chili. The YouTube appear larger number of clips where the taste test and endurance.

The effect is so strong that compare the strength of scorpion venom. Testing shows that the mouth feel intensive pain lasting more than 20 minutes, causing great heat as compared with melting mouth and sweating. Nerve endings in the mouth so much that irritates after contact with Trinidad Scorpion Chili lose the ability to distinguish the other flavors. The mouth fills with bubbles and balloons as so called after major burn the body, it appears as a defense mechanism of our body.

trinidad-scorpion-chili-in-your-home modern challenge online

Trinidad Scorpion Chili Pepper 2 Oz Whole Pepper, 2,000,000 SHU Hottest Pepper in the World Crazy Heat Pure

In a way, what is so glad we melt our nerve endings on the tongue , it melts the cells to recognize the taste. Since overdose mouth and tongue went numb as if under anesthesia, can occur breathlessness, and thereby losing the ability to swallow. So compared with the venom of a scorpion. Greater amounts of the Trinidad Scorpion Chili can melt the stomach and you can die. Often the question is what is dangerous to eat Trinidad Scorpion Chili or sting of a scorpion on tongue ?

Young-Trinidad-Chili-or-young-scorpion ?

Do you fall into this group wants to test the resilience of Trinidad Scorpion Chili? Must see the Video on the next page !

You can Find Online here : Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Hot Sauce

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