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Types of Foods That Last for Years

Types of foods that last for years really exist. After 107 years, the Antarctic discovered a fruit cake that still looked and smelled like it was not rotten and could be eaten. From here the question arises as to whether there are other types of foods of similar duration that could help us survive, for example, in the case of apocalypse?

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1) Honey

In 2015, when digging tombs in Egypt, archaeologists found 3000-year-old honey, which could be eaten. Its durability is due to the small amount of water and the size of the sugar, which prevents the development of bacteria in it.

Honey also contains small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, which prevents the reproduction of microbes.

Although it can be easily crystallized as soon as it is opened, this physical change can be easily recovered by heating it.


2) Vinegar

Its acidic nature, which is achieved by using the Acetobacter bacteria for fermentation, means that other bacteria have difficulty growing in it, which provides it with longevity.

While white vinegar can remain unchanged indefinitely, other vinegar types may change color or create a sediment that does not normally affect its safety to be used, but only on appearance and sometimes taste.


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