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Ultimate Guide : Natural Remedies – Best Home Cure and Treatment for Male’s Diseases

Last time we covered the most common women’s problems and their treatment with effective and natural folk medicine. Now we will talk  about the boys diseases and how they can be cure with Natural Remedies prepare at home.


Solve Problem With Prostate Problematic

Ingredients for the preparation of a tea blend for Problem With Prostate :

– 70 g . Alpine Rose
– 40 g . flowers and leaves of Yarrow
– 40 g . grated Oak Bark (which younger )
– 30 g . Young Oak leaves
– 20 g . leaves mountain Wormwood

Note : If you have no Alpine rose may be a rose used go mad with it to take twice the amount. So, 140 gr . flowers and stalks .


Alpine Rose for Problematic Prostate

Preparation : The herbs are crushed and mixed. In 1.5 litre cold water poured into 10 g. of water. the mixture and let stand overnight. The next day cook until boil and boil 2 more minutes covered . Once the tea has cooled , strain into a dark bottle and drink instead of water before and after eating . Day should examine the amount of tea ready. If you drink in a day, the remaining amount can be examined the next day. Every day the food should be placed 3 times in 1 tablespoon olive oil. In food, white bread should be replaced with black, preferably rye. To use as many vegetables.

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