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Useful Tips For Outdoor Exercise In Winter

According to recent research, if you are healthy, cold weather exercise will not get you sick, of course if you take all protective measures for safe exercise. Here are some tips for outdoor exercise in winter:

1) Do Not Be Afraid Of The Cold Weather

The positive sides of outdoor exercise when it’s cold is that humidity is usually at the lowest level, making longer exercises (for example, running) less strenuous. Also, you burn more calories because the metabolism is increasing because it needs to keep you warm. A recent study showed that all marathons with different fitness preparedness were running faster at temperatures of 4 ° C than at 15 ° C

Do Not Be Afraid Of The Cold Weather

2) Dress in Multiple Layers

Dressing up more layers of clothing will keep you warm while you move. The general rule is to be dressed for a temperature higher than a few degrees from the outside – to avoid swelling when the body is warming up.

Dress in Multiple Layers

3) Cover The Most Exposed Parts Of The Body

Hypothermia begins when the body temperature drops below 35 ° C, and given that the normal temperature is around 37 ° C, it is essential to protect your hands, face and head. In the coldest temperatures, gloves similar to those in kitchen are recommended (with a finger-only opening and one large for all other fingers), since the fingers will retain the heat better when they touch each other.

Cover The Most Exposed Parts Of The Body

4) Choose Clothes Depending On Temperature

10 ° C and more – no need for clothing in multiple layers. You can run on shorts and short-sleeved T-shirt.

1.5 ° C to 10 ° C – leggings for running, running jacket over short-sleeved T-shirt, lightweight gloves.

-6 ° C to 1.5 ° C – thermal running cloth, base layer with long sleeves with thicker blouse or jacket from above, wind resistant gloves, cap.

-12 ° C to -6 ° C – same as above, plus thicker socks and neck protection with a shawl or jacket.

Under -12 ° C – outdoor exercise is not recommended due to the danger of freezing. If you already have to practice at such a cold time, do it in the gym.

Choose Clothes Depending On Temperature

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