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Walnuts Natural Cure for Many Diseases

Walnuts are a real autumn and winter fruits, like chestnuts, they can consume trough all year too. This naturally crunchy nibbling is rich in fat and therefore are advised to consume 30 grams per day, if you want to reduce your weight.

What few people know is that the shell nuts, and green shell nuts and young leaf of a tree, can be used in medical purposes. Walnut tree is full of antioxidants and nutrients. Antioxidants in walnuts are juglone, tellimagrandin and Maureen, found in very few other groceries. Juglone has antibiotic effect and acts against fungal infections, and most can be found in the leaves of the tree. Because of its toxicity, it is advisable to use the young leaves of the walnut. Also, it is important to remember that nuts are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and are therefore recommended for those who stick to vegan meals because they will allow those components that others have entered the meat and fish.

Walnuts contain serotonin, known as the hormone of happiness, and besides, it will cheer you up, also will saturate. A handful of nuts is much better to suppress the desire to snack, and thus will miss the many calorie alternatives.

Walnuts Natural Cure for Many Diseases

Walnuts in Turkish traditional medicine used as a remedy for the problems with the glands, even with the thyroid gland. The reason for this is that nuts increase the amount of thyroxine, a hormone that secretes thyroid. Turkey use juice cooked green nuts, but for this purpose can be used and walnut oil as an aromatic addition to dressing for salads. Some studies have actually shown as green husks contain mostly thyroxine, although not very tasty.

Studies have shown that walnuts have properties that can slow tumor growth as well as to reduce the chances of developing cancer. The studies were conducted on mice who were “diet with nuts” and showed that the diet was reduced in the development of cancer by 30%.

Walnuts Healthy Benefits

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