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Water, Health, Traditional Indian Medicine With Properly Drink Water

Drinking water is more than just a tilt of the glass to his lips and swallowed. With a little more awareness, the way drinking water can seriously change your life. Some may get rid of frequent belching after eating, while others from the painful feeling of satiety and bloating after eating.


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This can be achieved by small and simple changes.

Ayurveda, the traditional medicine originating in India, shows useful ways to properly drink water. Above all, sit and drink the cup of water, just as sit to eat. Take a sip – do not drink the whole cup. Small sip, swallowing, breathing – and repeat.

Drink water throughout the day. If you swallow large quantity at once, your body does not actually absorb liquid as it should. Most of it just goes through you.

The water temperature should be at least as much room. Warm is always better. The ice water literally off your “fire” for digestion.


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