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We’ve Changed The Rules of Eating – Work Like Magic

There is a group of foods that you can eat and be skinny, information that many people neglect , or simply do not believe in these data. Often they are called negative calories, which means that while you eat literally lose weight. It’s not any particular philosophy or something that requires a sacrifice from you.

It is simple logic or mathematics that anyone can understand and grasp. Usually the calories they take in our body is to remain and be used to build up our body. For example if you eat a piece of cake that has 400 calories , our body will rewrite only 150 calories and 250 calories from the rest is deposited in the body as fat and so easy to become thicker.

The point is not to give up our sweet delights , the point is just slightly change some of our habits and little change in diet. Nobody wants to give up the pleasure of food. The solution is always within reach just that we do not know a place to ask. The healthy food is always something that benefits us help make it easier to burn calories. Some of them or the rules of eating will mention today in our text.


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Apple Your Best Friend

From the fruit we can single apple in healthy food , the benefits it can very easily notice if you consume particular morning on an empty stomach. Apple has approximately 65 calories , but with the introduction of the apple , our body needs extra calories burning it. Burn extra 35 – 40 calories than our body or our fat. Specifically total burning calories in our body is over 100 calories.


Organic Tomatoes Make You Fit

In healthy foods from vegetables to tomatoes aside. It is used in many dishes, sauce , beverages and most used in the hall , his benefit most if we enter in the fresh form. Tomato is known for its antioxidants like lycopene, rich in beta carotene. There is a very small amount of calories somewhere 25 – 28 calories per piece , its breakdown in our body can take more than 60 calories, which means that you will spend more than 30 calories from body fat.


Broccoli – Green Tree of Wisdom

Broccoli which of us is well known for its distinctive appearance, after what looks like a green tree in a small form. Commonly used slightly cooked or consumed in the fresh form in a salad or sauces. Its benefits not only because it is rich in dietary fiber, but there are greater amounts of vitamin C which will help in melting calories. The piece of 100 grams of broccoli has 25 calories by, for its assistance in digestion requires more than 80 calories, which means you spend about 60 calories.


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