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Which Food is Good To Eat and Which Food is Bad To Eat Before Drinking?

It is known that some types of alcohol are not recommended to mix with particular foods so as not to cause adverse effects in the body.

Here’s what foods to eat and which are avoided before drinking alcohol:

Best food:

Healthy Fats for Health

1) Protein and Healthy Fat

Food in the stomach that you have when you start to drink affects how fast the “alcohol” will catch you. With more food in it, alcohol is absorbed slower and takes more time to feel the effects, while when it is drunk on an empty stomach it happens much faster and with much worse consequences.

Experts recommend that before eating alcohol you can eat foods rich in protein and (healthy) fats, which slow down the absorption of alcohol most.

2) Fruits, vegetables, and water

Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients like antioxidants and vitamins, but also with large amounts of water – and the hydration of the body is extremely important if you plan to drink because it reduces the effects of the hangover. In addition, drink plenty of water as before (preferably) and during the consumption of alcohol.

Fruits Vegetables Water

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