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Why Onions so Good For Health – Check !

With the arrival of spring onions are located on each table – the modest breakfast to barbecue. You can make salad combination onion and radish, perfect for this time of the year. Besides being tasty and irreplaceable in many foods, onions is important for the health of the body. The amount of water it can be up to 90 percent, which means that there are few carbohydrates, so you are free to eat as you wish. He also rich in vitamins and minerals.

Contain large amounts of vitamin C and B vitamins , vitamin E and pro-vitamin A. If you eat cooked, Uses of onions will feel for fiber, which is very important for digestion. Young onion is great for heart health because of blockage protects the blood vessels and the occurrence of thrombosis. Also onions help to people who have problems with blood sugar levels, thanks to its hypoglycemic effect.


Onions Can Cultivate at Home !

Onions can even have planted the balcony. He is growing fastest of all related vegetables, and you do not occupy space too much. It needs a lot of sun and moisture.
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